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Hi all,

So I'm running into an issue that I believe is a bug and I'm not sure if I'm just misunderstanding some underlying way that this system works and am doing something wrong.

So I've got a solid piece created from a fully rotated profile. I've used a box & Intersection to cut out a center part of it which I am replacing with a hex grid. The issue that I'm having is that when I load the cut out surface into the Hexagon Cell module, it applies the grid to the entire item as if it wasn't ever cut out.

Another weird element to this is that I then baked the Intersection cut out surface, then applied it to the Hex Cell surface input using an empty Surface container and again it applied to the entire uncut surface, despite bypassing that part of surface in the process entirely. I'm not sure where it's even finding this extra surface to put hexes on!

Can someone tell me what's going on here?

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you are trying to apply lunchbox to a trimmed surface (check the geometry output in scale component)

this discussion could help you (deals with a similar problem)

also search the forum for trimmed surface topics. there are lots of posts that could help you understand what happens and possible solutions.

One possible solution could be the following



Thanks for your help.

Yeah. I was already working towards doing that for this one, but I was planning on using this definition for other designs in the future which aren't a straight lofted surface but have more complex curved profiles.

I think I have an idea to make it work, but I'll need to keep messing with it.

yes.  you have to deal with it in each case.

another approach could be applying hexagons to the whole untrimmed surface and then selecting the hexagons that lie on the surface you want.

finding a generalized solution requires, like you put it, messing with it.

if you work it out, it would be nice to post your solution.





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