algorithmic modeling for Rhino

Here is a GH definition of a symetric loxodrome on a sphere. I imagine it could be done in any revolution object. I used equations from a wikipedia page

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Laurent, thank you so much. I can only wish I had your level of competence.

Given how advanced this already is, I feel a bit silly to ask for more, but I get the impression you enjoy the Grasshopper challenge, so here goes. Indeed, I would need the possibility to apply the curve to different parent objects other than a sphere, for example a cone, ellipsoid, or otherwise revolved surface, as you mentioned.

Ideally, I could modify the object on the fly in GH (or Rhino) and have the curve update accordingly. Lastly, I would need variable control over how close the rings are apart from one another both in their offset distance (top view) and z value. I was thinking perhaps this is possible using paneling tools attractors?

In any case, thank you for the amazing work.


I think there is a, partial, solution to your problem. For Spiral I did that

there is no equations (in my memory :-), the revolution shape is done with a GH component it is the same for the control over how close the rings. It is no more a loxodrome (constant angle on a surface). But as you will see it was not to difficult to design the London Swiss Re-tower.

That is very interesting. So much fun to play around with the parameters. I'll use it to train myself, thank you.

Thanks Laurent.  Such a beautiful curve and a welcome surprise to get my hands on your description many years later for my current needs.. What a great community!

Happy you find it useful. This old forum is still a great source of definitions. 

Happy end of the year.






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