algorithmic modeling for Rhino

As asked by some persons here are the explanations of my photo album "Spikes rabbit" "the Thing rabbit", "Button Rabbit" and differents walls 1, 2, 3 . 

As an input the GH need closed polylines which comes from

  • 2D Voronoï (walls) or 
  • a 3d triangulated mesh (rabbit of Daniel Piker).

From closed polylines, each of these polyline is scaled Nth times using a GH Graph Mapper and translated along an average normal of the closed polylines. These Nth +1 polylines are meshed (wall 1 to 4 and rabbit 4) and subdivided by Catmull-Clark. (rabbit 1,2 and 3).

Notes 1: This GH needs Kangoroo and Weavebird.

Notes 2 : The scaling and height could become a function of whatever you want, heigth, area of holes ...

Notes 3 :  I used Maths multiplication and addition for points because I forgot to use translate and scale from Tranform tab !!! 

Note 4 : The rabbit comes from thickened mesh from Daniel Piker "". There is also some similarities with Vorlax on Surface from Andrew Kudless. See discussion for skeletal mesh

Hope it inspire you

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An explanation of egg transformationeaster egg

For the egg

Generation on an egg with, as the mesh is regular there is a remeshing with meshmachine from Daniel Piker

After that you need to bake the mesh output from meshmachine.

This mesh is an input of egg_2 (like, see above)

you choose the shape and other things and the 2 meshes are generated

The support is a different process

first crate a mesh, use meshmachine if wanted.

use my veinization script, bake the curves and pipes them in Rhino. 


A new version with stepped changes in order to replicate 2.5D transitions from

Inputs :

  1. Main inputs (red) are closed curves, they are transformed in closed polylines. They comes from
    1. Voronoi Fibonacci Spirals (see Grasshopper Primer
    2. Curves
    3. Mesh that will be transformed to closed polygon by Dual Mesh
  2. Secondary inputs (red) are
    1. Number of steps
    2. Maximum height of extrusion (height is relative to the square root of polygon area)
    3. Shape of extrusion through Graph Mapper
  3. Outputs are the mesh and edges of the mesh







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