algorithmic modeling for Rhino

My patch creates a volume around a centerline curve. I want to make it scaleable to multiple input curves without copy+pasting components.


I thought to use the range component + the list item component and send selected list to a polyline component to connect them, but it is still lofting and connecting from the end of the first range to the start of the second. Any ideas?


I am attaching an image + the grasshopper file.



I did this second image with the original patch, which just processes one line at a time:




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By flattening any of the inputs you are putting all you points in one long list this is why you get the line from the end of one list to the start of the next, GH sees it as one list.


Can you post the 3DM file so that I can see what each param is referencing? 

Danny, here is the 3dm.


I guess I am trying to unflatten the list. Flattening it at that point was the only way i could get the point uvw component to place the points on all of the lines equally. I want to use list length to unflatten the list after that bottleneck. 


Not sure if it helps but I've approached this slightly differently by using the orient component, Lofting and then extracting iso curves. See what you think.








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