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so i have a list of lists

6 branches each with 4 items
I have another list 
3 branches with 4 items
how do i combine the two lists to keep the branch structure
when i merge the two lists it makes a list with 6 branches the first 3 having 8 items and the last three having 4 items . I really want to say take list 1 and add list 2 onto the bottom of it so i get a list with 9 branches each with 4 items?
As always thanks wonderful forum!
figured it out pathmapper {A} ------> {A+pathcount}
then merge!!!
actually it almost works. I want to put the first list at the end of the second using this pathmapper method If on list has 20 branches and the other 3 and I want to put the 20 branches after the 3 using this pathmapper trick the merged tree goes 0,1,2,20,21.....
when I want it to go 1,2,3,4,5,6.... still looking for advice I guess... thanks

Use Entwine (uncheck flatten by right-click)

(List Length + Partition List used at bottom)


List Length + Partition List works only with simple trees....


BEWARE! Calling trees "list of lists"! :D

well call my trees simple cause it works! Thanks !!!!!






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