algorithmic modeling for Rhino

Hello everyone, 

I am working on a reciprocal system. The aim is to have all lines of the reciprocal system as straight as possible and then to define the intersectionpoints of all members, in order to make it fabricable.

I am using a pretty clever Definition from Daniel Piker as base. But i got stuck in the List Management. In the Image below you see what I tried to achieve. 

I hope someone can help me out.

The definition and the rhino-file are attached.

Thank you in advance 

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Here's a definition I sometimes use to split polylines where the bend angle exceeds a slider defined threshold


Thank you Daniel, but I think I don't understand how this definition is supposed to work.

I am still struggling with the organization of points and curves. It seams to me so easy, to create polylines with some shuttered intersection points, but the logic of the data flow does not want me to do that.

By the way your new line-line feature in Kangaroo looks really awesome!!

I try to be more precise, see the image below. 

I think I am still lacking of a general understanding on how to organise and sort the lists grasshopper. Is there some where a good explanation of this process?

Thank you in advance

The problem is solved, maybe could be cleaner but it´s night. 


There is another option a little shorter


Thank you Felipe, you saved me in getting lost in this definition!

I tried similar things to your first approach, but I couldn't get it to run. 

Thank you again





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