algorithmic modeling for Rhino

List item. I am missing one of the items in a list.


Lists again, I have noticed that I missed one of the item somewhere, as the list moved from 6 items to 5 items. Please advise why this happened, why i have done wrong again, sorry and how to fix it?

Thank you.

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One of your six surfaces doesn't intersect with your geometry, so it returns no results.

Check what is going in and out of the "Brep | Section (Sec)" component, and look at the preview geometry to see what results you would expect.

thank you will check it.:)

 I see, this edge layer is not cutting the  object so i have culled it same the other may in 90degrees rotation pieces one is culled. However it does not fix the problem.


You were culling every 6th item, not the 6th item in the list. Use cull index, and remember lists start from 0, not 1. The first (0) item was the one you needed to cull.


Hello. I still wonder where I got wrong, I was learning and following few of the tutorials to have this fixed, but cant make this work anymore. sorry for not understanding this issue.







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