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I have a problem.


How can I attach a value to a stringIn practice, I have strings as input with a panelNow I should  create a diagram to combine these strings with lines.


Is this possible?


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You can create a delimited string to hold multiple values much like what you have, but I would suggest you un-tick the Multi-lined data field in the panel so that each record was on its own line. Or you can create a separate list of values to be used in conjunction with the original list, every time you re-order the original list or cull any values you would need to do the same to each value list.

What is the value for? Line length, direction?

I should be connected through a line of activities. So I split a curve into n data points on the number of activities. Now I want to connect with each of these points (associated with the activities) ..

The problem is that using the index, adding a activies, the next activies change the index and then the link is wrong.

example: I need to connect to hotel function with house function, therefore i have 0 and 4 index in my panel.. So i have to extract the index linked to the alphabetical value to be able to draw lines between the points associated to the names of activities. Now if i add a new string between the values, the house activity hasn't the original index 4 but the new index 5. So the link will be not created between hotel and house but hotel e new activity in the index 4. 

Is this what you mean:

Here I have created a list and following each item is a record of which values it has a relationship with. Because they are text there is no need to have a particular order as the Member Index component will identify the right item so you can insert any number of entries around the circle. Also the relationships can be unidirectional. For example Brown --> Lazy but not the other way.


It doesn't even have to be limited to straight lines:



thanks a lot!

You were very helpful! I had some problems with the use of string. Then will post the development of work!
thanks again!






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