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Hey everyone!

I've been in a "quest" about creating a definition that would generate a list of points from a starting point and randomly generated vectors, and wouldn't grow beyond an imposed limit.

The way i've been trying to make it sound a bit cruel (and not very smart): evaluate the proximity of the last point to the limit and, if it's closer than it should be, that point is eliminated.

The idea was that the algorithm would return to the previous point (valid) and generate a new valid point (and so on)... but it doesn't quite work like that! For some reason, it (sometimes) "crosses the fence", and i can't figure out why :/

All help is welcome, please!

Thank you all ;)

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Hi rvzkm,

This is how I suggest you might do it. The code is commented for details.
Thanks for the help Rajaa! Your code is beautifully simple :)

For some reason, the code only works if the distance to the boundary is tested with values equal or greater then "length" and not with other values. This probably has to do with the vectors.

Once again, thanks ;)
You welcome.
Not sure I understand what else you need to do.
This is just a small test for a larger algorithm - that i hope to have working before the end of July.

When it's finished, i'll poste it here ;)





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