algorithmic modeling for Rhino

hi all!
i've been trying to create a definition for a laser cutter fabrication.
i'm using a torus, since it's an object with topological characteristics.
For now i have a problem with the project component.
I'm attaching the files, so you guys can take a look.
the component is not projecting along the whole srf....any ideas???

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well, i kind of figure it out myself, instead of using project i extruded the lines to then intersect them with the brep....still, i don't understand why project does not do the job.
i bumped into other issue now, i'm trying to boolean the sections in other to get the material thickness, boolean difference not working...i hope someone can send some feedback
I don´t understand what you want to do with your def at all. I did one too, but I don´t know if it will work for your purpose. I hope so.

Search 3Dslicer in discussions.

hi pablo!, thanks for your reply.
yes...i saw your def.
i think when i tested it, it didn`t work for a torus correctly.
besides i would like to have my own.
the definition by Vicente Soler worked better, but the sections are made in x&y, he also creates a set of complete planar surfaces....
I want to create a set of beems (see the image in my gallery)
Basically in the lc5 def. i did the following:
-create a torus, linked it with a brep comp.
-make a bounding box out of the torus, to the explote to get x & z edges by cull pattern.
-apply a divide by distance component to the curves, to then extrude them to intersect the brep.
-apply a planar srf to all the edges, to create a set of surfaces.
-scale the surfaces to be able to boolean difference them, in order to get beams in x&z
-finally i`m trying to boolean difference those resulting beams to obtain the notch....that is not working ....for now.
i hope you get the idea.
thanks again






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