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I am working on a Lamel/louver system and so far, I have managed to make it work, by following a divided curve.

I would like to use the system for a facade design, but I am in need of a little assistance.

My inspiration is the JPEG ( sorry for the quality), which shows a traditional baguette lamel, for a facade.

Can anyone point me in the right direction, in how to make this baguette and then apply it to the divided curve.



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Do you have a sketch of the facade? Right now, it just looks like a simple array that doesn't really require a parametric definition. Blocks right in Rhino would be very straight forward.

Hi Damon.

This is just a small part of what is to become a facade structure. As you can se, it is very curved, so I will need the lamels to follow the curve.

It would be awesome if you could give me some advice, in making a small definition, with applaying the geometry from the baguette picture.



You were close with your picture. You could make it more complex, but one simple change gets you much closer.

Instead of divide curve, I've used the Horizontal Frames component. The frames follow the curve. You'll also notice that I've used the Construct Domain component for the X input. The * means I've added an expression A = -x/2 and B = x/2, so the box will be centered left-right on the division.

This should help you move forward and add more detail to the lamels if you need it.

Hi Damon and thanks for your help.

I definitely wants it more complex as i develop the facade, but this is a good start.

I have one last question, if you have the time.

In the baguette picture, the lamel consist of two rectangular sections. One inner thinner rectangular ( 2 cm depth and 100 mm width) , and the outer rectangular (50x50 mm)

 I have copied and paste the definition and added another curve, for the inner rectangular.

Which expression should I use, to make the inner rectangular be centered on the outer rectangular?






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