algorithmic modeling for Rhino

Hi, I´m an absolute beginner in Grasshopper and would urgently need some help:

Between two different curves I created lines - but instead of the lines I would need rectangular profiles ( should become wooden lamellas) - ( extrusion? swipe?)  - the direction should be a normal vector of one of the curves....  I tried my best for some hours :), but I could not find the solution??? Any idea?

Thanks for helping, Nina

(see attached screenshot)


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O_o'?... mmm duno if this what u mean...


Yes, your result looks exactly like what I mean, thanks a lot...!!

I tried out, my rectangles now look right and are oriented in the right direction,

...somehow the sweep operation still does not work ( .. my sweep component looks different, might this be the reason?, but I couldn´t find yours....). 

... could you have a quick look, what still might be wrong?  THANKS!! Nina


No idea o_O' maybe ur GH version, try latest one 0.9.0075

Or the order or direction of ur curves r inverted

thanks... I inverted the curves, .... got close to the result....sweep operation works,

... last question... second lamella is missing, probably some list problem....

you know a solution?


XD no idea, u should upload ur file with internalized curves 






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