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I'm making a pavilion that's going to be made using kaka robot. I've got this script that turns an image into lines and would like to use those lines as a path. On both sides of this path I'd like to have poles that are placed there by the robot. I want the inside of the path to look something like on this pic. Can you guys help me with the script? -that's what I got so far

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I don't have all the plugins you used and didn't understand all the code you had in place...

But I did have a play with how to extract lines from your cat image using 'Image Sampler'.  I did it this way, with one slider for 'Resolution', another for 'Scale', the X & Y 'Image Sampler' domains restored to their defaults (0..1), and a 'Threshold' slider to filter extraneous points:

You can see the effect of 'Threshold' by zooming in; too many points make it hard to interpret:

To make curves from the points, I used an Anemone loop.  'Slow' and 'Fast' do the same thing.  Start with the first point and find its 'Closest Point (CP)'.  The 'C (Cloud of points to search)' must not include the point you are searching for, hence the 'Cull Index' component.The last step consists of ignoring curve segments that are "too long", meaning the points are far apart:

Obviously a rather rough approximation of the cat image.  Seems to me that this needs to be improved before moving on to place columns evenly along those curves.

As always, the 'Image Sampler' is lost when saving a copy of the code, so the attached is useless unless you copy/paste the 'Image Sampler' from your original code - and remember to reset its X & Y domains to the default "0.0 To 1.0".  This is EXTREMELY ANNOYING!!!

Forgot the code.


Added some simple smoothing to the resulting polylines, then divided them by distance and put cylinders (pillars) on each point:






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