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please post here in case of karamba problems !

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Uninstall Karamba with 'System settings' - Software - ... and reinstall it.

What version of Grasshopper/Rhino do you use?



Can you upload your for Adam?

Hi all !

I have installed the new karamba versión 9.082 and I have a bug when I try to see the "learning examples" the component "Analyze" appeared in red colour and says:

1.solution exception: can´t find the ' CSharp_Beam3DPropertiesUpcast' in the 'karamba' DLL file.


Hi Andrés,

does this problem occur with all examples? Which service-release do you use, which version of Grasshopper?

Try this: uninstall Karamba, check the 'Grasshopper'-folder in '...\Rhinoceros 4.0\Plug-ins' for the file 'karamba.dll'. If it is still present remove it manually. Then reinstall Karamba.



Hi Clemens,

At first time I have repaired but not removed and it continued working bad in all the examples.

But now I reinstalled it and it works perfect ! Maybe it was the oldest karamba files?

Congratulations with the new version, the new manual and the new examples...

Thanks for your time !!



I have the same problem (Error:.... Can not solve static system....).

I´m running Rhino 4 SR9 and Grasshopper 0.8.0052 on Mac with parallels.

Already reinstalled but still the same problem.


Can you help me....


Cheers Max

 o.k. fixed the problem... ;)


What was the source of the problem?

...problem was very simple: had an overlay with multiple curves so the load knots where on wrong point...

and of course: forgot flatten the broken segments of the polylines...





Not all the examples on the blog run with the free version of Karamba. This is noted right beside the download link if that's the case ('(requires trial or pro-version)').

It is odd though, that there is an error-message concerning the 'LineToBeam'-component. What example did you try to load?

Best regards,


It seems as though a previous Karamba-version hasn't been fully uninstalled - this happens sometimes. Try to uninstall it via Settings/Programs. Search the Rhino-directory afterwards for the files 'karamba.dll', 'karamba.gha', 'KDTreeDLL.dll', 'libiomp5md' and remove them manually.

Karamba 0.8.083 works with GH 0.8.0065 - I have tested that.

I had to also delete karamba.gha in \Users\UserName\AppData\Roaming\Grasshopper\Libraries after uninstalling and before reinstalling a new version of karamba in order to get it to work correctly.

Hope this helps,







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