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Hello world !

I'm trying to model something like this really nice "balloon" structure from Anish Kapoor and Arata Isozaki: the Ark Nova in Matsushima.

I understand it's an inflated structure and i'm sure it can be done with grasshopper... for now I've modeled some kind of cutted tore in rhino and smooth it with weaverbird but i'm not very happy with the result. How can i make something prettier ? I'm helping a friend for his jury and the final product will be much complex but i'm starting simple to understand how it works. 

The main problem is even with the pictures, i'm not understanding how it works in reallity? hehe :/

I think i understand why the kangaroo code is not working, it's MAYBE because the part in the middle is too heavy, nothing is holding it ? i'm not sur with the parameters too... first time i use K2... and by the way the example files are awesome !

And possibly, i have to put some kind of hoops (hulala) to hold the entire structure ?


Even if really appreciate these "butterfly" flat lines it's not what I want to achieve hehe...

So I'll be really gratefull for any help, advises and explanations !

Thanks in advance for your time ;) 


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How can i make something prettier ?

er... hmm ... since this IS the uglier thing even known to man ... it couldn't be that difficult.

Moral: Ludwig (Mies van der Rohe), please resurrect and do the proper thing (no mercy).

"Prettier" is maybe not the most appropriate word but it means, more or less, what I tried to say. 

In french "jolie" sounds really nice... 

For now i managed to inflate it but just with anchor points on the ground the kind of "parabolic hiperboloid" in the middle of the balloon looks like a dirty piece of textile...

So after that i tried to put some anchor points but it's still very ugly...

Now i'll to replace the anchor points on the balloon with some stronger stiffness to keep it smooth but with some flexibily... not completly motionless.

If anyone has an advise it'll be of great help for me... please

Maybe i have to play with the strip component ? Because when i look at the photos of the project, the mesh is composed of long textile or plastic strips... and also the bottom of the "minimal surface like" is maybe heavier to pull down the whole structure and not block the hole when the pressure comes ...???

Another question what's the use of the "gas component" of Kangaroo 1 ?

Do you think my mesh is not the kind of mesh that could achieve those forms ?

The files


The inflate component will add force perpendicular to each mesh face. In the "singularity" area (the area where the hole is) the mesh will self-intersect if it doesn't have enough space to grow. Maybe a larger hole will do the trick?

Cool project btw. Reminds me of this nasty little thing.

Thanks for the advise ! I'll try and post the result.






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