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I'm trying to obtain  this effect of bending surface with HINGE KANGAROO:

I'm doing sth wrong and the operation doesn't work. I want to obtain the effect of

bending paper card, for example A4, and I want to have a full control of bending by moving the corner points. Can anyone look at my 

GH definition and help me to find and fix the problem??

Thank You in advance!

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This is the effect I'm looking for.

Help please :)

You must internalize the geometry or share in 3dm.

What you want to do is with anchor points input. You can create a points close to the mesh, then get the closest points of the mesh point and these are the anchors. While the simulations run, u can move thats points because the index of CP is save by kangaroo. But when u reset the simulatión, the CP maybe be other point of mesh.

I'm trying but still is something wrong.
Would You mind look at my enclosed definition and help me to find and fix the problem?


Not exactly what I wanted to show you, but maybe it helps...



This is interesting but unfortunately the effect isn't so similar to that which I want to obtain. This surface is stretched because of the force so that dimensions change.

I need to obtain effect of real paper sheet bending. I want to have full control of bending by moving the sheet corners...

Excuse me, it works very good. Thanks a lot!

Now I have a little problem with mesh because

it doesn't work with my mesh created from launchbox :/


I'm wondering if anyone could give a simple example of how this would be done with Kangaroo 2? The solver parameters have changed and so has the Hinge component, so it would be very helpful if the new usage could be demonstrated!






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