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Kangaroo closed crvs. or surfaces attraction and collision problem

Hi again. Sorry for a lot of beginner questions.

I have some rectangular (if it,s surface ore curve doesn´t matter on the moment)

i am getting their central points to make interconnection of points (i want manually decide each connection (not every rectangl connected with every one)

after i use this connections with PowerLaw to attract rectangular to each other and SpringsfromLine to control the length of connections and get different variants of rectangular arrangement.

My first problem: When i am adding rectangles in Geometry of Kangaroo solver it s 1.shows some mistake or 2. moves just centralpoints but not surfaces

My second Problem. I would like also ad some Collide2d to don´t allow rectangles to overlap each other, that also brings a red color in kangaroo, posiblly also because of the problem nr.1

Thank u!

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Hi Marina,

Collide2d is for Kangaroo2 , PowerLaw is for Kangaroo0.99

Attached something that might help you... have a look at it.

It doesn't work very well... but you can study the logic and stuff.

Open it and toggle "On" the Solver.



thank u very much! its looks already great! Is it actually possible to add some field or better to say borders where my rectangles have to stay in (in my case it will be my building plot border). i am thinking to try to do it also with collision from border line or border mesh

Here's another way of doing this.


Marvellous! As always..

Thank you for the sample... also, trying to load it pointed me out the new version of kangaroo :D

Thank U Daniel! It looks totally ellegant

hove somebody idea ,how i could fix location of one of the rectangles? (trying to do kind of building generator and my staircase have to stay on the same position and the room be attracted to each other and to staircase) i tried to add some anchor points in the corners of staircase, or also in the middle, it still flying with other rectangles .

Thank u!


Small update: it s works with midpoint but it still rotating sligtly,, it would be nice to fix anyhow cornerpoints 






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