algorithmic modeling for Rhino

hello everybody

i'm trying to model a tensile structure like the one in the jpeg

i'm using kangaroo but i'm not happy with the "soap bubble" result.

i red this

so i changed rest length but it doesn't work on my model.

in other worlds i'd like a more rigid membrane.

i hope someone can help me


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Here's an example using the CurvePull for the boundary.

I've also shown side by side both approaches - with and without the timer.

In this case, maybe the version with the timer is more useful, because if you try pulling the boundary points very far from their starting location in one go, the mesh could fold over itself, whereas with the timer on, you can gradually move the target curves into position.


you are very helpful

I do not know how to thank you!!

anyway the PullToCurve doesn't fit with my needs (the blue circle rotated in he xz plane and the red corners independently moveable see the pic)

so i use the idea in your third video about relaxation

i use two different springs comp one for the membrane another for cables 

i have one last problem:

when i save my project and reopen it i have to re-link the circles' anchor points though

the corners ones work ok


i finally solved :D

i used the curvepull for the circles and now everything works fine.

by doing this i can also move and rotate the circles so the patch is now more "interactive"

by the way this tensile structure is part of my thesis (degree in construction engineering and architecture) 

when the project will be finished i'll send you a pdf copy if you wish.

thank you again

Glad to hear that. Yes, I'd be interested to see the finished project, thanks

Hi Daniel Piker

In recent times I have open test files kangaroo but are not active.The kangaroo is the latest version, would you help thanks

This is caused by an old version of the kangaroo dll file somewhere on your system being referenced instead of the most current one (even though you have the latest one installed). You need to search your computer for any old copies (eg in the downloads folder) and remove them.

Just like what you said I was delete files "KangarooLib0080.dll", it works perfectly.Thanks Daniel Piker






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