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Join Curves Component - Doesn't preserve Datatree structure - Maybe a bug?


this is just a very small part of the definition I'm working on.

I need to join always 2 Curves, but I need to preserve the Datatree structure after joining them, but it doesn't work with the Grasshopper native Join Curves Component.

See images and Definition attached.

I already searched in the forum for a solution without any success, maybe I used the wrong keywords.

I don't know if anybody already had to deal with this issue or if it is maybe a bug.

I'm using Grasshopper 0.9.0053.

Any solution for this?

Thanks in anticipation.



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Hmm, that is odd. It's definitely a manifestation of the way components iterate over trees and lists. 

In this specific case it can be fixed using Flatten, Graft and Match:

If however your curves become more complex, then I suggest you try and put them into a datatree where all branches have the same number of elements:


David Rutten

Tirol, Slovakia

Hello David,

thanks for your help.

Your first suggestion is exactly what I wanted to achieve. (didn't recognized the Match Tree Component yet)

The second one (creating for each a new Path) I tried already in several ways on my own, but for further parts of my definition the original Data structure is needed.

So again, thank you for help.







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