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Hi All,

I have a few Breps as inputs. X has list access and type hint is Brep. I want to output one Brep at a time so that I can feed each building for some analysis. 

I have tried using time.sleep. I have also tried outputting a list everytime instead of a Brep.

Hope this is something very easy to implement.

Thank you,


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just some ideas, because nobody else replied.

I'm not so deep into Python to give an example in it without putting much effort in it,

but in C# I could.

You basically need to start a new Timer, which if equal to Dot.Net , should be in another thread. (You could also use the timer, but doing this in python seems complicated in my opinion)

Whenever the timer reaches 0, a method is invoked in the current gh thread, to do something.

By simply using a threadsleep you stop the whole grasshopper instance, which doesn't work at all.

Another approach. Create a simple component, attach a timer component to it. The only thing you need to is to iterate outside by using a field in the current scriptInstance, rather than a local variable. Not sure how this works in Python but I could provide an example in c# if that helps?



Hi Tom,

Thank you for responding. I have primitive knowledge of C#. Can you please share the GH file?



ups sorry, wrong file :/No access to the computer on which I made it, but you could simply rewrite it from the screenshot.You only need to attach an timer and set the input of the c# component to list access and type to object.rename it to "objects" and plug in your breps or other geom. 

You might also want to have a look at the GHPython example I posted here. Seems relevant to what you're trying to do. Cheerio..






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