algorithmic modeling for Rhino

hi, i wanna make an islamic pattern like sheikh lotfollah's dome pattern,but i dont know how ?

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It's somehow simple You only need to do 3 steps

First, you need to create a hemisphere

Then, to create a hexagonal grid 

Finally to use hexagons corners to draw a curve(plant leaf)

you will need Lunchbox plugin***


thanks for your great help! it was great t t,

and there is another solution to use sheikh lotfolah component but that have some small problem


yes it has some problem, that I'm trying to fix.

PS: Thank you for sharing my definition :)))

Hey maahdiar, I forgot to thanks you for solving the problem, sry bro

Thanks for your great help

2 other way of going this, a) there is a 'lotfallah" plug in that will generate curves for you, or b) the way i coded this some time ago, the pattern is simply a sine wave superimposed on radial lines

hey mark, thanks

how can i use your second plan (code that you done)






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