algorithmic modeling for Rhino

Is there a way to imitate the braided river pattern(curve splits and then joins back to one) in an abstract manner?

The braided river system is essentially a geomeotry which starts as a single curve and splits at certain places and then joins back into one stream. 

similar to the braided river pattern that shows in the image below:

i would like to extract the abstract version of such geometry and utilize its geometric principle into my design and make the system parametric in order to play around with different possiblities.

similar to the image below 


and right now im having a bit of difficulty in terms of where i should start.

Would anyone hav any ideas on how to achieve this sort of things? and tips would be greatly appreciated.


PS: I ve tried layering sine curves, gradient descent etc, but didnt really get what i was looking for.

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Try some sine functions controling phase and amplitude and using other parameters...It seams that the guy in the image uses fibonacci series in the curve construction ;)
i ve used graph mapperto control two sine curves, but the results seems rather random and since the two curve separately, the intersecting points changes on arbitary manner.

seems interesting...i will take a look at it..cheers :)


Hi Eric

I just bumped into this thread and it's quite similar to what I want to achieve as well

did you manage to figure out how to do this?


Did you find a solution do build this ? any suggestions . 
thank you








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