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Hello to you all!

I need some help if anyone is willing to give it a go! I have a set of breps (grey boxes) and a set of 4 points (pink ones) which I connect with one another, thus resulting in the black curves. From those, I need to keep only the yellow one, which is a curve that has BOTH its start and end points on breps. All other I shall dispatch. The same I shall repeat for the cloud of white points!

Thank you all!!


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This is very easy with code.

Do you want that "option"?

If yes:

1. are the points always "outside" Breps?.

2. if a line is OK this means that other possible intersections (with that line) are not wanted? Meaning no potential "overlaps" in lines.

3. Is this a typical pool of data or you have ... er ... big numbers in mind?

Also easy without code (using Isovist Ray), but code will be required for a large set of points.






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