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Hello experts,

I have a simple question, I'm sure. I drew a curve in rhino, made some perp frames, put a polygon on each, filled each polygon with the same number of randomly spaced points and now I'm trying to connect each corresponding point (one of say (50) points within each polygon) to the adjacent polygon filled with points. In effect there would be (50) curves interpolated through perp frames - the perp frames are arranged along a sinlge curve I drew manually. However, I am having difficulty separating the points within each polygon into a separate "list" in order to interpolate a curve through respective points within each random point cloud.

Regards, Alex

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You inadvertently (I assume) connected one of your point clouds to the 'D' input node of the Interpolate Curve component. Disconnect it and reconnect it to the 'P' input holding the shift key down.

Ok. Yes I accidentally did that. But do you see how 'manual' my definition is? The one positioned further to the left is more what I'm going for. The above definition is basically what I want to achieve but I had to specify each frame. In other words, I want to be able to just draw the curve and then be able to control # of perp frames and #of points with sliders... without having too much manual intervention.


This is more the effect Im going for, but i want to be able to control # of perp frames and number of points with sliders. The addition components going into the seed values are just to create variation. 


I think this is what you want.  Ask if you have any questions.


Thank you, Chris. The use of series components and expressions are essential.


Alex Knight

could you explain this to me in words?






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