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Interesting network UI functions of the latest Houdini v16

Dear Grasshoppers,

The videos in the link below show some of the interesting ideas of the UI network for the latest Houdini v16.

Hope this can tease out some interesting and useful functions for the development of Grasshopper's UI.

Latest User Experience of Houdini v16 network view:

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The ability to switch between wire styles (bezier, straight, angled, curved etc.) would be much appreciated (love the rounded ones in the screenshot above). Also the "dot" concept seems very interesting, I usually insert a parameter to achieve something similar. Could also be interesting to switch between left-right to top-down on the fly in terms of data flow (although this would require an automated approach to laying out the graph when switching, which might be counter productive to some users). Anywho, thanks for the update :)

Some pretty clever ideas there, hope they didn't patent all of it...

I think the entire idea of patent protection, prevents human beings from evolving naturally and more quickly.






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