algorithmic modeling for Rhino

interconnecting lines with points winthin a circle

hi guys, Does anyone know a simpler way to interconnect lines within a circle

In this definition point 0 joins point 9 so it skips 8 number of points inbetween.

please find the attached GH defination.

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hey Chris. that's awesome man. Thank you so much. I have been working on this geometry for more than a week now. I am new to grasshopper so don't know much yet , so at the end i got a lil impatient so i did the definition that i posted. I shall be uploading my process of this project as well so also be in a loop. Thank's again.

this is a basic video of the process. Its not yet reached its final stage..still developing it. 

Hi Kartic,

I am new to GH and saw your problem and thought it would be a simple problem to try and solve as part of my learning curve. It took me 10mins, and the result is a significant improvement on the slap-dash solution initially posted in the first reply. My definition is not only simpler, its also parametric (really the whole point of parametric software, no?!) and it will adapt dynamically to the number of points on your circle whilst maintaining the logic, as opposed to the other one which breaks the second any parameter changes thus defeating the object. Use "Points ahead" to define which two points should be connected. Enjoy!


Wow you really know how to charm people

Well, after days of trawling through a lot of junk solutions on this forum (and with it really being the only option for learning GH), my patients was rather stretched. I decided to post a definition which addressed the problem actually posed for once. Im sure -as such an avid fan of GH yourself- that it must also pain you no end to find so many 'solutions' posted on this forum which only work under one set of conditions- in my view, such definitions are nothing more than glorified CAD files which took 10x longer to produce and delivered 10x less in results. Total contradiction to the benefits of parametric/algorithmic software

Even Better.  What was I thinking??? :)

As an aside could you throw ten minutes of your time at the file attached below.  I know it can be done more succinctly but I just can't see how right now...always appreciate a 'bump'.



Regurgitating my original solution where the underlying logic remains unchanged is hardly reason to proclaim an improvement. However, as imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, I take great satisfaction in teaching others despite only recently starting with GH!

Ps. did you realise only a single array of lines was required; that's ultimately the defining factor here for such a simple, elegant solution.

The thing is I didn't look at yours...and it's just for the fun of it anyways. But again, thanks for the 'bump'.

The improvement I claim is no function component required.  Don't get lost in making this a battleground.  I'm well aware of my lack of skill and it doesn't surprise me when I see someone present a better solution than what I've come up with.   

As there is more than one way to skin a cat I don't see how Chris's definition is yours regurgitated.

You have created a [Shift List] component from 3 separate components. How is it the best solution? You have even gone as far as creating your own wrap list function which is not required. You could have just have easily used an [Addition] component and gone with the default behavior of [List Item] which is Warp = True

A lot of the time we see problems as far more complicated as they actually are. That is why it helps to come on here and get many different points of view. My solution was just yet another way not best not worst just different. And by seeing all the different ways you can learn something outside your normal logic which ultimately broadens your grasp of the software.

As i said, my underlying logic remains unchanged - as you've inadvertanly pointed out, so i am right in saying its merely a repackaged version of my solution.

Amazing presentation! Thanks for sharing =}





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