algorithmic modeling for Rhino

If you have problems installing, there is instructions outlined here:

If you have problems, please either email me, send me a message through this ning or post to the forum below and I'll be glad to help.

If you're behind the firewall in China and cannot access the downloads, please email me and I will send you a link to a dropbox shared folder. 

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Hi Jon!


I mailed you today for a student license too. I really need it for this week, so if you come there these days... please could you check your mails?   =)


Thanks a lot by advance!



I'm not able to activate your license
I sent the email the mail but I didn't receive anything to activate it.



I also do not know how to activate the license. I received the email with the .xml file, put the file in the plug-in directory, opened it, I've tried whatever I can think of but I continue to get license requests in grasshopper. How do I install/activate/run the license to make the plug-in work?


thanks for the help.

Hi Jared,


I'll email you with a diagnostic to help me troubleshoot, thanks for your paitience.





Hi Jon,


I found the file in my computer. GeomGymLicense.xml, this one? But I don't know what is next? Put the file into some folder?





Can you please email it to me?

Hi Jon

Ive sent you an email to request the student license. I could really use it as soon as possible, thank you very much!



Sorry, it was caught in my spam filter, thanks for chasing.  To anyone else reading this, get in touch if you don't get a reply within 24 hours (normally within 10).





Hi Jon


I was wondering if there was a way to install StructDrawRhino without administrator rights? This is because I am using a University computer - I currently have Kangaroo and Weaverbird installed as these plug-ins can be put onto grasshopper without an installer.


This would be very helpful!


Many thanks


Try this,


Download this zip file,

save somewhere convenient and then you will have to drag and drop the rhp file over Rhino.

Start Grasshopper, run the rhino command Grasshopperdevelopersettings and untick COFF loading, and add the search path to the location where the plugin files are located.  Then restart Rhino and all should be fine.  Run the rhino command sdrZZLicenseRequest





Hi there. really stupid question here but I sent the email and recieved an email back but what do i do now.  I tried saving the attached file back in to the C:\ProgramData\GeometryGym directory and reopened rhino but it still says I have a trial version?

Hi Mark,


I replied to your email, will get you to run the diagnostic if it doesn't help.


You can use StructDrawRhino to generate profile (including non circular) along polylines although I can't remember if there was an issue if the polyline was closed.  I'll try to take a look.









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