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Hi all. Is there a  way to install additional python library to ghpython? For example I need install requests library:

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The easiest way that I know of is to download the module and either store it in a directory that the Rhino Python editor is already pointing at or add a new directory that contains that module. See screen shots below.

The GHPython editor points to the same directories, so no extra steps involved with getting the component to recognize modules.

In Rhino: EditPythonScript > Tools > Options > Files

Here's what the Rhino/Plug-ins/IronPython directory looks like.

Hope this helps,

thanks, but unfortunately this way not work with requests library

Oh, I see. My apologies, I misunderstood your post. No, you cannot install requests. That module is not compatible with IronPython, which is the language that Rhino/GHPython uses.


Can't see the picture

Oh, yeah. That's strange. I tried posting them again, but I keep getting an "undefined" value.

Either way, you have all the information you need via my first comment. So give it a shot and post again if something goes awry.


what a depress !  for famos requests module can not work in ironpython 






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