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Insert an image on canvas in a .ghx ,open it in other pc and don't have to charge it the new route?

Hi Grasshopper's ¡¡¡

I am working with a archive with various images, now I am using the ImageSampler(because I don't know another way to put an Image on canvas), but I don´t need information about the images... I only need to put images on the canvas and if it is going to be opened in another computer or if is moved to another folder... I want to keep the image when it be open it. It is posible?

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Hi Andres,


nope, sorry. I could store the bitmap data inside the GHX file, it's not difficult. But considering the size of some bitmap files it's not a good idea to do this by default I think. I'll see if I can add an option to the Sampler.



David Rutten

Poprad, Slovakia




Some times I like to use an Image to show what the definition does and what each of the SLIDERS may do.


May be the Panel Parameter can handle this... just an idea.

These are two different requests right? One is basically a way to make the image inside the ImageSampler permanent, the other is to add a passive image to a document, just like Scribble adds passive text to a document.



David Rutten

Poprad, Slovakia

I don't think the original poster (Andres) differs from Andres Gonzalez's as OP Andres didn't need the function of the Image sampler just a place holder for an image on the canvas.

But I do think that both interpretations are a good thing. I've just had a look at someones definition with an image sampler in and couldn't get the gist of what was meant to be happening because it lacked the Image. maybe you could store a lightweight image in the ghx file if the link is missing it will still display, albeit at a lower res.

To be able to load from Rhino "Scribble Picture Frames" would be well received here. 

Hi David,Andrés and Danny¡¡

David If the ImageSampler could work with a permanent Image will be very good thing, because it show the pictures and dont need too much memory (It depends about the resolution of the pictures and the shape, for this reason I work with low resolution and I try to charge square pictures because they looks better than another shape), another option could be save the ghx. and the images in the same folder and automaticly found the route(like in another programs).

But now I only need found the second one David, to add a passive picture to the document like Scribble (made whith the text).

Andrés, Panel Parameter?can you explaind please... remember that I am triying to save the image in the ghx. If i could charge from rhino and save both in the same folder will be gratefully too.

Ok, I was planning to turn LolCat into something useful, by allowing you to specify a collection of image override urls and a collection of override images.


Seems like that would cover the first case.



David Rutten

Poprad, Slovakia

Yes, It would be great idea. One parameter could be a ramdom or fixed image and if is random another parameter could be the time, I dont know, it is only an idea...

But there is another way to introduce it making my own component with VB or something similar?, because I am starting with gh-sdk, to solve this and start with the programing lenguajes...It can be a way or I am crazy to thinking that I could find a solution? If you can recomend me, which language you recomend me to learn; VB, c# or Pyton?...

David thanks for your time and work for all these years¡¡¡

What, you mean the LolCat component isn't useful? ; - )

Yes, you are right. Add a passive image.


como? Andrés

I just added an option to Image Sampler that allows you to store the image inside the file. It will keep on using this image until it can successfully load another one from the disk.


The option is ON by default, but I think I made it so that when you open an old Image Sampler, it will stay OFF.



David Rutten

Poprad, Slovakia

Oooh¡¡ it sound fantastic David ¡¡¡ I think that the program is  going to be enrich with this change¡¡¡

I was testing with my own components and putting them small bitmaps (and It became be a crazyness¡¡¡).

I supose that it will be ready in the 0.8.0005 final version? It will be fantastic, I hope use it very soon¡¡

Thanks for all, David ¡¡¡






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