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Hi all!

I would like som guidance of how to get started with my model. The structure I would like to create consists of soft pipes (creaed by catenary, this is not the problem), within thoose there will be an inflatable structure of gas. Thus, the inflatable structure will depend on the forms of the pipes. The tubes form the supporting structure. I have no idea how to make this the easiest way, and would appreciate all the tips I can get. 

See attached sketch of strings and balloon to get a feeling of what I am looking for.



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Use combination of kangaroo goals:

SolidPointCollide to collide partices of string springs in Kangaroo2.

And inflate force (either volume or balloon icon)

The rest of the setup is normal for  setup of mesh and poly line curves of Kangaroo2.

You just need to take care that particles of springs would not get inside volume. But that is SolidPointCollide goal, that check if particle is inside closed volume, If it is , it moves particle to direction of closest point of your balloon.

There is one example from 51st second:

CM5 Inflated Restraint from Petras Vestartas on Vimeo.

Thank you for your answer! Do you have a script I can have a look on?

Dan recently posted a bunch of great examples on his github, there's one for inflation here.

Thanks! I will have a look!






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