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I have used this definition that maps sun potision and draws a grradient of solar radiation on numerous occasions. Yet, when I open it now, the SPA script produces only null values. I am using the latest gh build currentlly, which is the only difference I can think of since it worked last. I really know very little about VB, but I have absolutely know clue how to get the null values to actually work. Could there be an issue with the VB script in the new build? Does anyone have solutions to get the outputs of the SPA component to produce values?

The definition can be found here:

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The legacy script components do not seem to work any longer in v9. in any case I've gone through and updated all the non-functioning scripts. 


Excellent work indeed. Thank you very much.



Excellent!  Was just dealing with this problem.  Thanks!

Andrew, thanks again for your help with the Solar-day script. I'm now working with the Solar-time and Solar-year scripts. I tried replacing the non-functioning components in that too, but the SPA component is still having the same problem. Did you change the script(s) too?


Definitions found here:


the changes I made were:

1. to switch from legacy to updated components

2. to ensure that all inputs operating as "lists" were specified properly in the new components. Note that v9 loses this information in the legacy components, so you have to infer from the code whether it's expecting a list or not.

3. Update all pre-rhinocommon code to rhinocommon equivalents. On3dVector -> Vector3d OnBrep -> Brep etc.

Many of the scripts in these other definitions are actually identical to the scripts in the first one, so you should be able to just copy-paste and replace them in most cases.

Hi Andrew!

I am also new to vb and I'm trying to learn that by pdf tutorials. But the tutorials through the net were written for old versions of grasshopper, which doesn't work in newer version!

How can i update the script. Is there any routine rules for updating "the non-functioning scripts"?


i think its working in rhino 0.9.0056 rhino 5.

PD: you need a cross reference component for mth and hrs before the spa component.






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