algorithmic modeling for Rhino

Hey everyone,

Is it possible to import an STL file direct from a path?

it would be very useful for me because you work only with one program.

I hope anybody have an idea.



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The STL import logic is not accessible other than using the Rhino _Import command.

I've requested that these algorithms become accessible via the SDK and it seems possible that during the course of Rhino6 you'll be able to use a RhinoCommon method which reads an TSL file and returns a RhinoDoc instance.


David Rutten

Hi David-

Has this changed in the years since this initial posting? It would be great if Grasshopper could directly import STLs...



Ok Thanks for your answer.

When is Rhino 6 ready for download?



We don't know. We'd like to have a Rhino6 beta out before 2014, but I said 'during the course of Rhino6'. We agreed this would be a nice feature to have and we have an idea about how to implement it, but none of the code has been written yet.


David Rutten

Try this.

Very barebones stl parsing; no normals, no colours, no materials, only binary stl, no error checking, based on wikipedia.



Thanks but i need the normals later.

Ok. With normals, even welded.



Oh man this is absolutely brilliant!
Thank you very very... much!

Hello Ola,

This is a very old discussion, but I also used the code you passed to Henne. I Would like to know if there is a way to use the rotate3D (Rot3D) on the preview of this mesh. 

Thanks in advance for your comments.


Hi Jose,

Just connect the mesh output to the G input on Rot3D and the G output of Rot3D to the G input of Preview.

Then you need values for the other other three inputs of Rot3D, of course.

Did I understand your question correctly?


Yes,  Thanks.  I figured out that sometime after I wrote my question to you.

Thanks- works great!






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