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I just started to learn programming and unable to solve the problem myself. I am wondering if anyone produced already this component?

I have this Powerpoint VBA Script that is able to copy all images from folder to Powerpoint. I am aware that I cannot use that directly in grasshopper but this could be some help in creating new component. I am looking for some way of transforming that into a grasshopper. We could automate the process and have a presentation ready,

I would appreciate any help or advice in this area


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What sort of files are you looking to sequentially import into Grasshopper?


David Rutten

Poprad, Slovakia

I will explain what I have in mind. There are many tools that can do environmental study shading, daylight, visualization etc. I am able to capture Rhino view name and print to images of these studies into .png to working directory. However we need to spend time tp copy all images to powerpoint. If I could add a component that will copy all images from a current / specified folder. We could have a tool that could produce final results and minimizes number of clicks and improve efficiency.  I hope that my explanation make sense. 

I think a VBA macro in Powerpoint would be more suitable

Try this one:

Thanks for your reply. I got this working under Powerpoint ...I just copied this macro from there...but I would like to bring it to grasshopper so can be done in one place and save clicks.

How come you save your images into the working directory. Wouldn't it be better to save them into the correct folder immediately? How are you currently exporting these images?

It's relatively easy to create custom resolution images resembling the contents of a specific Rhino viewport and then to save those images to any folder. It is also easy to move/copy all (png) files from one folder to another.

Let me know which of the above solutions would be best for you.


David Rutten

Poprad, Slovakia

"...create custom resolution images resembling the contents of a specific Rhino viewport..."


Can you elaborate more ?



David Rutten

Poprad, Slovakia

Thanks. So obvious, but I'm not really familiar with scripting the Rhino. The first thing that came to my mind was something about frustrum...

We can capture view to Bitmap. Currently this will take print screen at monitor DPI=96. Is there way to control DPI so we can have images with good quality and can zoom to details. I can set up currently resolution 800*600 or 1600*1200 but when I zoom on image still is not great,

 I solve it. I actually change output size to enormous 12800*6400 and now got now good quality image where I can zoom and see details. 

Yes, dpi is purely a Print and Screen related property. Images don't have dpi. They have a number of pixels and then the dpi depends on the size at which the image is reproduced on screen or paper.


David Rutten

Poprad, Slovakia

I haven't tried it but you can use GHPython and python-pptx ( to make a presentations w/o leaving Grasshopper.

Here are some examples:







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