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Hi I've replicated this script from 'Agorithm-aided design' by Arturo Tedeschi which is using image sampling to create a pattern of circles of various scales based on the black and white values of the image. I created a black background with a faded white center in photoshop and put this in, but for some reason Grasshopper does not recognize it?

Any help would be much appreciated.

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On an ipad now, can't open the file, but it seems to me there should be a teeny tiny circle around your point. Can you see it when you zoom in?

In the starting "Point" component, in your screenshot you have single wire coming out (thus, only 1 point) but in the photo of the book you can see a double wire coming out instead (multiple points then, probably a grid of points).

Try to set or make multiple points in the initial point component (place them inside the area of the surface).

You could use populate or... a lot of other ways.

Matthew, as ricardo said you only have a single point at the beginning of your definiton. When in fact there should be a point at every point you want to sample. I haven't got the book, but it might continue on from a previous example, if it doesnt mention it then its a poor example.

The simplest way to get the desired result is to insert a 'divide surface' at the beginning of your definition.

Example below





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