algorithmic modeling for Rhino

I'm new to Grasshopper.
I want to cut a board 30 cm / 40 cm with a laser machine.
I would use Image Sampler operation.

I would like to limit cutting holes with 5 mm max.
The space between the holes 2 mm minimum.
42 holes max on the 30 cm and 75 to 40 cm.
Cancels less than a 2 mm hole.

Thank you for telling me to program parameters.

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This is the result, but I it does not look good.

It seems number of holes needs to be larger.

Take a look:

Btw you can not set 75 points in the Y direction as it is a approximately 70% increase in the number of holes in comparison with X direction. And Y is larger than X only by one fourth of it's size.


Thank you Djordje,
It's cool, it should work but I can not open the file.
I post these two then nothing.

You are probably using older Grasshopper version than me.
Download the newest one from here (for Rhino 4) or the newest one for Rhino 5 (from here).

After you open the definition you will have to set the new path to the Image sampler photo path. Download the vangogh5.jpg file too, and save it on let's say Desktop.

Then in grasshopper definition double click on Image sampler (step 1) and then change the photo path to Desktop/vangogh.jpg (step 2):

Change "Run definition" Boolean toggle to "True".

That' all.

Use "Small objects - Milimeters" as Rhino template file.


I would be grateful, if you would post a screenshots of the results of laser cutting in here.
Thank you.

Hi Yann,

Have you ever succeeded in cutting this board?
If yes, would you be so kind to post some photos of it, please?
Thank you.

I improves the scribe.
laser cutting.
Now you have to choose a good picture


Hi Yann,

I do not understand. I thought you cut the Van Gogh portrait?

I do not,
Van Gogh is a sample image.
what I wanted is to create a system for simulating and if results are concluded to make the cut.
All the images are not good. contrasts should be well.
this scribe, simply change the image, then adjusts the pixel.
then if the kerf is smaller may have reduced overall dimension.
then define the maximum diameter minium appropriate.

Hello Yann Guinchan:

I am trying to do the same operation as you but with 3 diferent sized holes (6, 8, 10, 12 mm)
Also using information from the image sampler I would like to laser engrave some boards.
If someone as some advice or input about this, it would be very welcome.

Thanks in advance.






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