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Whilst the majority of cries for help on the forum get answered within the hour, some don't. There may be a valid reason for this so please don't take it personally.

I will try to list some of them and what you can do to make it more attractive to get answers.

  • The chances of getting an answer in a single unit of time are proportional to the number of people who can answer that question. If you ask a very obscure question it may take quite a while for someone knowledgeable enough to stumble upon it.
  • The chances of getting a good answer are proportional to the quality of the question. Phrasing, spelling, proper use of caps and punctuation, descriptive title and so on and so forth. If you have a file pertaining to the question and you are allowed to post it, do so. If you have an image/pdf/link that pertains to your question, include it.
  • Questions that allow for prompt answers will be dealt with quicker than questions which are vague, ambiguous, open-ended or large in scope. I.e. "How do I make a facade like this in Grasshopper?" will probably not be answered as it would be far too much work.
  • If you use Google Translate to post a question in English, also be sure to include the question in a language you are fluent in. Google Translate is a pretty terrible way of communicating and phrases usually get mangled beyond recognition.
  • Before posting a problem, reduce it to the smallest workable (but still problematic) subset. I.e. don't post a 200 component file if a 5 component file can be used instead.

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Ow! My feelings!

why are you here? :)

Probably got banned from all the other forums he trolls.

The first time I see a guy like this over here :S ...I always thought that were only good and kind people in grasshopper forum...But know that I see the situation I can only sugest: Don't feed the troll ;)

I move that all replies under the first post be deleted and replaced by a single reply containing this image:



Do you think there's any merit in implementing a system such as they have on  There, they use a point system based not only on how good the answers given to certain questions are, but also how useful the question that has been posted is itself, i.e. whether the person has shown that they have properly researched the problem before asking the question, or how similar the question is to other questions that have already been asked and answered on the forum.  It would give an incentive not only to answer people's questions, but also to ask good questions.

I don't think it is possible on a Ning social website

dear developers,

so maybe I am in the wrong place here, but when posting bug reports nobody ever seems to be interested in. Is there a special approach how to get information about the significance of the reported bugs?

A simple "This is not crucial" or "forget it, we don't have the time" or something and I know that there is no need to wait for the fix...

best regards, Laurenz

Hi Laurenz,

sorry, I think I dropped the ball on this lately. GH1 isn't officially being developed any more, except for very serious bug fixes, and GH2 is made from the ground up, meaning it will have an entirely fresh collection of bugs. In addition to that I've been working on a secondary project lately, so I'm spread somewhat thin.

However I do appreciate bugs being reported and hopefully before too long I shall be able to fix a bunch in the GH for Rhino6 source.

Hi David,

so if I understand this correctly, there will be no more bug fixes for the GH1 and we have to live with whats here. Is there a scedule when Rhino6 will be published?

GH1 for Rhino5 may or may not get one more release, I don't know.

GH1 for Rhino6 will have serious bugs fixed, at least until GH2 becomes available (which is not going to be soon). However changes to the GH1 code base are officially limited to serious bug fixes.

Rhino6 (actually RhinoWIP) is currently already available to those who wish to participate in the testing process, and it ships with a version of GH1. I'm not sure when Rhino6 is going to be sold, I don't think anyone knows for sure, but the place to ask is on our discourse forum, where the Rhino crew and the resellers are active.

If you currently cannot access Rhino WIP releases and would like to, let me know, I can add you to the testing group.






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