algorithmic modeling for Rhino

Whilst the majority of cries for help on the forum get answered within the hour, some don't. There may be a valid reason for this so please don't take it personally.

I will try to list some of them and what you can do to make it more attractive to get answers.

  • The chances of getting an answer in a single unit of time are proportional to the number of people who can answer that question. If you ask a very obscure question it may take quite a while for someone knowledgeable enough to stumble upon it.
  • The chances of getting a good answer are proportional to the quality of the question. Phrasing, spelling, proper use of caps and punctuation, descriptive title and so on and so forth. If you have a file pertaining to the question and you are allowed to post it, do so. If you have an image/pdf/link that pertains to your question, include it.
  • Questions that allow for prompt answers will be dealt with quicker than questions which are vague, ambiguous, open-ended or large in scope. I.e. "How do I make a facade like this in Grasshopper?" will probably not be answered as it would be far too much work.
  • If you use Google Translate to post a question in English, also be sure to include the question in a language you are fluent in. Google Translate is a pretty terrible way of communicating and phrases usually get mangled beyond recognition.
  • Before posting a problem, reduce it to the smallest workable (but still problematic) subset. I.e. don't post a 200 component file if a 5 component file can be used instead.

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The chances of getting a reply are ( 'is', [sic]) proportional to the number of people that can answer that question. Cringe. What the heck are you going on about? Are you an imbocile?? Do you even know what a single unit if of time even refers to? Verbose, and pompous. And idiotic.

For the record are you saying the person that wrote that statement is an imbecile?

Don't make it worse. Surely you can't now think that's some sort of redeeming retort? I rest my case. "proportional"; cringe!

Danny started the post but I finished it with that list.

I can live with pompous, but am I wrong?


David Rutten

Poprad, Slovakia

Nice John. 5 comments already, 3 of which may be considered as offensive. With that statistics I wish you best with asking somebody to help you here.

I dont use software that's fundamentally flawed. 1d lists.... Dare I go on

Please, go on.

i have a feeling this is that cult follower of GC from previous posts.

"Do you even know what a single unit if of time even refers to?"

Got to love when people criticize grammar and mess up their own. :)

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