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How to use rhino commands or grasshopper components in Python?


Sometimes I have no idea which library I should import into python to use some commands in rhino. I tried to import Rhino library and Grasshopper library but I didn't find such functions or any similar ones. For example, I want to add an arrowhead to a curve. In rhino I can directly use "arrowhead" command and select a curve to do this. But I don't know how to realize this in python. And, in grasshopper, I can use "EvaluateLength" component while I don't know how to call this function in python.

So, what I mean is how to convert these rhino and grasshopper things to python.

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Import RhinoScript syntax as rs

Import math

and so on...

Try This site for tutourials.

Also go through This pdf 

Thank you very much! I have solved this problem!



这个箭头的问题我是在grasshopper 的python里尝试的,结果用rs.CurveArrows发现返回值只是一个整数。没想到要在rhino 的python里用才有箭头。






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