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hi guys i want to do something like the shape in grasshopper but dont know how to do the rotated part 

thank you 

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Disconnect the 'MD Slider' from the 'Rectangle' and connect it to the 'Rotate P' input, as shown:


thank you , very simple but interesting result!

Going back to earlier code today, this version adds automatic 'Mirrors' to get four aligned copies; fun to play with the 'MD Slider' in blue group:

Love this one! (foreground)


thank you very interesting result which im looking for !


thank you !

hi joseph, i wanted to scale the rotated geometry as going up like th e attached image, i used scale UN component but seems something is wrong .. i do appreciate if you give me hint.

  • All the values passed to the 'Scale NU X' inputs = 1.
  • All the values passed to the 'Image Sampler' from 'ReMap' = 1.55.
  • All the values passed to the 'ReMap V' input are the same, the length of the rectangle curves.

There is no point in passing the rectangles (or their lengths) in this case.


  • 'Scale' is just like 'Rotate' so drive it using the same 'Series' component.
  • Make sure your input values for 'Image Sampler' are always in the zero to one domain.
  • Use 'ReMap' after 'Image Sampler' if you want to increase the 'Scale' range above 1.

Above all, LOOK AT THE DATA VALUES being output from each component!

P.S.  You probably want to use 'Scale NU' before 'Rotate'?  Otherwise, unless a proper (rotated) plane of reference is supplied, the rectangle scaled only in 'X' will be distorted.

thank you very much !






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