algorithmic modeling for Rhino


hi guys i want to do something like the shape in grasshopper but dont know how to do the rotated part 

thank you 

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You associate the rotation angle (around the central axis) with the height via some equation or graph curve. Looks like it might be an Atan or maybe a Logistic equation.

thank you David

Hi faya

One way attached..


Looks good!  I added the diagonal curves to connect the corner points:


thank you very much Filip!

hi joseph, since i want to have the base rectangle varying different sizes, so I added new rectangles to the algorithem, but seems something is wrong and the rotation doesnt work, overall later i might set the base shapes (rectangles) manually. thank you for your time

attached is the new script 


I can quickly see several errors that have been introduced between the version that works and the one that doesn't.  You have to be able to see these things for yourself.  When you break working code, you own it.

i did it thank you very much!


I guess I could have added that the debug tool I use most frequently is the panel - the text output of GH components in panels is EXTREMELY informative about data flow, both tree/branch structure and values.  Connect as many as you need to the outputs of every single component to see what is happening.  Not in series!  Don't run data through them; delete panels when you don't need them anymore. 

thank you for your help!

Are you trying to achieve an effect like this?  I got this by simply moving the center of rotation using the 'MD Slider':

A different point of rotation:


yes you did it in a very simple way , thank you 

but mine got too complicated , attahced 







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