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How to panelize a grid without similar panels next to each others?

Hi everybody,

I want to panelize a grid randomly without getting similar panels next to each others horizontally and vertically, but everything I tried failed, I would be grateful if someone can help me.

I attached some images and my working files for a better explanation of my problem.

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A quick look at this, but I don't think you have enough unique shapes to accomplish a random patterning without adjacent duplicates.  Does it matter to you if the diagonals are duplicates?

No it's not a problem if the diagonals are duplicates, moreover I don't mind adding shapes, I just want to figure out how to avoid duplicate panels next to each others.

Hi Marika,

This might help.  It's not truly random but might solve your problem.  As long as the number of rows/columns in the square grid is not a multiple of the number of unique shapes it should produce a pattern with no adjacent duplicates.


Thanks Chris, it's still a lot better than all what I have tried.

the problem here is that there is some kind of visible pattern now.

I now think my problem can only be resolved with a script that compare item in a list based on distance and replace them automatically with a different item,  but I don't know how tu use C# or VB :(

Well thanks again for the help Chris.






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