algorithmic modeling for Rhino

Hello, this is my problem:

I have divided a cube into many 3D voronoi pieces.

I moved the pieces to random locations in a rectangle - I want to achieve a "scattered" look, like the cube exploded.

But the pieces are just moved, so some of them stand on a tip.

Is it possible to choose any surface of each piece and orient (attach) it to the ground plane?

Thanks, Jack

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Interesting problem. I found a solution but the final scattering is sometimes on top of the ground, sometimes underneath. 


David Rutten

Poprad, Slovakia


adding onto david's solution, you can test the centroid for -z coord and rotate.  not the most elegant, but it works.

Thanks David and Jonathan, that was what I was looking for.

I combined both solutions - orient and then mirror the pieces with centroid's negative z.







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