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Hi I have a simple question regarding the issue of how I can copy/move an object say like a shape I made (from a set of commands in grasshopper) or a group of curves (from a set of commands in grasshopper) to a specific point? I am aware of options such as offset and move but I am not sure they fulfill what I am achieving for. The only method I could think of is to move the objects via "move" command through X&Y vectors or XYZ vectors separately with respect to the distances from say point x of object to point x of designated point, point y of object to point y of designated point, and etc. Is this the only way?

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If you don't want to supply a translation vector for a move operation, how would you like to define the transformation instead?

David Rutten
Poprad, Slovakia


I have a question, when I am copying a group of objects to points, it's just copying elements and not the group.

What would be the problem?

Thank u 

Have you grouped them using a group component?


You are going to have to post something by way of an example.

Well you can see the grouped elements in green, while by copying these elements to a set of points (area of each rectangle) it shows that it doesnt work

The wire exiting the Group component suggests that your objects are on different paths. Try either Flattening the Input to Group or using a [Shift Paths] Component for more control over what gets combined.


I have been trying really hard to get to this. I have a gene-pool for my rectangles that creates different rectangles with different dimensions. I want to move each of them with respect to the previous one such that they all are adjacent to each other. I have tried it using various ways but was not able to figure it out. Any help is really appreciable to the new guy in the community.

Thanks in advance. 

Hey David thank you for your response. I guess I was wondering if there was just a simpler function/command to snap/move objects to specific points. I was thinking too much in Rhino mode where I can easily select an object and move it to a point. If this hasn't been integrated into grasshopper yet perhaps simply there can be a function called move to where it does the vector translation of distances between points automatically where you can input say a midpoint or point of an object and input the designated new point.
The Rhino Move command requires two points, the Grasshopper move component requires a single vector. If you have two points you can create a vector using a Vector 2Pt component. I'm not really sure how this could be made "simpler". I could create a component that moves objects to a given location using the BoundingBox center, but wouldn't that be far too limited a feature?

David Rutten
Poprad, Slovakia

What could be interesting, and maybe it's what Jonathan meant, is a "move" component that would work for several objects at the same time. Because I think that presently we need to apply the move component to every objects separately, isn't ?

Thanks in advance for your answer.

Etienne Antuszewicz
Move component works for single and multiple items -- just like all Grasshopper components can do.






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