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Hello everyone!

I guess this is a very easy question for most of you guys but i'm just getting started with grasshopper... 

I have a very simple structure, i used the tool "pipes" to give some volume to my structure. But once baked, in rhino each pipe is one object, and i can't seem to find the way to make all the pipes of the structure one object. Using the "boolean union" in rhino sometimes works but right now it doesn't so i'm sure grasshopper has a tool to join pipes to make them one object only, like a bloc in autocad (i'm sure you had understood).

I already tried the tools "solid union" "brep join" or "group" but i can't seem to be able to make them work properly, i must be missing something. Please help me!

Thanks a lot! 

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Union operations don't work on pipes very well in Rhino or GH. There are a few posts on here and the Rhino forums about why this is.

If you are trying to create a "thickened" object from a network of lines or curves then I have found it better to use tools like Exoskeleton or Cocoon plugins to create a mesh around the lines. Of course you end up with a mesh not surfaces but if your goal is to 3d print the object then you will need a mesh at some point anyway.

Search for Exoskeleton and Cocoon on here and see if that is what you are after... Hard to tell when you don't post images or sample definitions... See post about "How to get help on this forum" before someone gives you a lecture on how to get help on this forum!

Glad it helped! I can't post images from my phone on here either!






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