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How to generate a sine/ cosine function with a gradual distance between the curves on the frequency

How can I make a sine-cosine function that differentiates the frequency of a curve gradually?

The final aim is to make a surface that reacts like a water drop on a water surface.

I have this to start from, it differentiates the heights of the frequency gradually, but now i also need to differentiate the horizontal distance between waves in the same fashion.

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 Try this.....



thank you very much, it looks super good....i have a doubt, what should be the input for the function?

and is it possible to vary the horizontal distance gradually, like the vertical one?

Hmmm....this is formula.....

I dont understand why definition so bad saved...


 May be more better to use cylindrical coordinate system....


Igor thank you so much for your help!!!

finally i tried this..


I'm pretty sure the wavelength of ripples in a liquid is constant. All you get is a decrease in amplitude (inverse linearly correlated with the distance maybe?).

(click to see animated)


thanks David, i guess you are right about how it works in nature, but the effect i wanted was to decrease the wave with the distance....finally it worked like this


I'm learning GH and found these definitions very interesting.

Right now I'm trying to understand if it is possible to use these ripple surfaces to "envelope" a solid shape / surface.

What I'm trying to achieve is this kind of object:

In other means, I'd like to design a volume and apply on this volume a "water ripple" surface. Where should I start from?

Hello Mr. Rutten, can your example also be done on a sphere? Thanks in advance






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