algorithmic modeling for Rhino

I tried to find a smooth fitting curve like this. as in grasshopper, there is no curve fitting ones. It seems to have just interpolating ones. So I tried to solve it with Galapagos. 

But it looks not good like following. Could you anyone guess what's wrong?

Grasshopper code is like following. Thanks you in advance. 

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C# component source is just like following. 


There are some related discussions, which may be different from the way you do.

Try to search "Medial Axis".

The most known "method" was introduced by Daniel Piker.

And as far as I know, the most rescent thread is this.

And the attached definition is an example using medial axis algorithm mentioned above  and "Alpha shape" from milkbox group created by Mateusz Zwierzycki.


Thanks for your kind reply. 감사합니다. I also tried several Medial Axis algorithms using Voronoi pattern. But when I tried ones, it made so many branches. Your method seems to overcome this problem. It will be very helpful. Thanks!     

By the way, I'm still very curious why the optimization failed. Don't you have any idea on that? 

It seems that some kind of fluctuation of fitted curve make the optimization not be conversed.  After changing curve fit to poly-line fit, I get following result. then I rebuild to convert it to smooth curve. But anyway this way takes too long compared to medial axis method. 







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