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How to find all item index, if values are the same.

So I am trying to replace specific index with a new value.


I’m finding index location by searching the list for the exact value, however some values repeat and cause the search to repeat the index number.  Under the index to replace panel the red text is what I want to achieve.  Is there a component or an away to make the item index run once instead of 23 times and starting from 0 causing it to always stop at the same index if the value has a repeat. 



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you can do the following. to use the member index output with list replace component you have to flatten it.



ps next time please upload a definition so that you can get help easier.

Hello Alex,

Thanks for the help Alex. I was able to solve the problem with your help.  I still had addition issue caused by similar values from the original list, but i just converted my Boolean's to a numerical value allowing me to find only the index items I was looking for with out conflict with that values from the list.


Johnson Moc 






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