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It was really terrible that I lost my whole day work. Really thank anyone who can help me figure out this problem: how to find a grasshopper autosave file?

AS My computer crashed one time, I continued my work on an autosave file, and closed just after pressing ctrl+V. What surprised me was that I could not find this autosave file.

I know it was so foolish......

If anyone who know how to solve this problem, please let me knowed!!!!

I really aprreciate your help!!

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my autosaves usually go on the desktop

Yeah...I actually could find it just after crashed, but the poor thing is that I continued my work with this autosave and save. Then it disappear from my destop, and I could not find it anywhere.........

Autosave files are deleted when a document is successfully closed or saved. So only when a crash brings down Grasshopper does the autosave file 'survive'. If you then open the original document and proceed to use it, the autosave file will eventually (probably pretty quickly) be overwritten with an autosaved version of the old file. So you really only have one chance to salvage your work, which I admit is somewhat counter to the whole autosave protection scheme.

There's a number of things I can do to improve this:

  • Instead of deleting autosave files to be overwritten, I can move them to the trashcan or some temp folder (I don't like this as there are typically a lot of autosave files).
  • When opening a document I can check whether there's an autosave file next to it and warn the user, though this is not 100% either, as the autosave naming scheme may lead to files that are no longer recognizable as autosave files. One way around this would be to change the extension of autosave files.
  • If a document is opened anew and there's an autosave file detected, that autosave file is not overwritten but moved somewhere safe. (But where so that you can still find it easily?)

Sorry you lost your work despite autosave. We should figure out how to make it less fragile.


David Rutten

Poprad, Slovakia

would it be possible also to save autosaves for unsaved definitions to some temp folder? This is one way I've lost work in the past.

Will this mess of an autosave system ever be corrected? I just suffered from it once again. It makes it worse that for some reason the autosave was not recognised when I opened the file. So it had been saved over at about the time I realised the problem. Its a blight on a fine piece of software.

Will there be any updates on the autosave issue in the new version of Grasshopper? I've just experienced this issue. I haven't had the significant loss until today, so I was surprised that there are not many backup files available in the Autosave folder despite many files that I worked with. I can't seem to find any ways to recover Grasshopper files either. I hope that Grasshopper could make it easier to recover files in the new version. Redundancy would be much better than losing hours of work, and saving designated number of backup files every time when the file is saved would be one way to improve...

Let's talk about it on discourse so at the very least we can get a good feature list going for GH2.

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