algorithmic modeling for Rhino

hello everyone,

i'm writing component on c# for grasshopper,

trying to write simple string text on rhino viewport,

how can i do it?

tried using Rhino.Display.Text3d and TextDot.... maybe i didnt realy understand how it works.

thanks for the help :)

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Do you want the text to be oriented in 3D space or always horizontal and facing the viewer?

the horizontal one will be good..

Ok, so you still have a choice of drawing 2D text, or oriented 3D text. 2D text will always be drawn on top of everything else and you may have trouble controlling the size, but 3D text may be partially inside other geometry so may get visually clipped.

Do you need the text to be depth-sorted, or should it appear in front of all geometry in the viewport?

sorry for the delay....

I need the text to appear at a Point3d location i will give it.

I attached a file with two C# components. One which draws text at a fixed size, the other adjusts for perspective.


Just curiousity, why the preview does not disappear when you disable the component?

Sounds like a bug, the component probably shouldn't call the script drawing functions if it's disabled...

is it possible to add a boolean toggle to this component so i can choose to see the text or not?






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