algorithmic modeling for Rhino

Hope you get the idea with this problem:


1) I have 5 values for 5 circles, each one is different radius, like this list here that shows: 1,2,3,4,5 ok


2) I want to have a constant value in between each circle's border, let us say 1.0


3) So, the curve will end up with 5 points, in each point will have a circle, each circle will have a different Radius, but the distance in between the borders of each circle is always the same = 1.0 in this case.


4) The end result list here would be like this to evaluate a curve with these values and find the points on the curve:


List = 1, 5, 11, 19 etc If I use these values to eval a line, I will get the perfect points where I can draw the circles. 


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Is the curve always a line?



David Rutten

Poprad, Slovakia

I do not know, It would be nice to use something like the component Divide Length, so I can use it in any 2D curve.

Try this:


I forgot, to adjust the gap multiply the series by the gap distance.

This method is far from perfect for anything other than a straight line as the distance along the curve between each circle will vary depending on how wavy the curve is.

Thanks Danny, I will take a look at it tomorrow, it is late here! :-) and I need a break.

Your welcome. I also forgot to get rid of the first radius from the length input so that the circles start at the origin of the curve. (Last edit I hope)


I put a Boolean False to the Curve Eval, this way it works 100% and I can go to sleep now! :-)


Thanks Danny






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